穩 妥 的 床  Sleep well



陶、紙本、玻璃  ceramic, paper, glass

_DSF5303big adobe.jpg

Applying the concept of the coffin to preserve the valuable things, I put the image of the mother into the coffin. The inside part of the coffin is inspired by the lacquer painting on coffins in Northern Wei times(386-535AD in China). I put the personal symbols and my mother’s stories into the painting in the exquisite style.


挪用古代棺木的形式,以「容器」為承載重要寶貴之物的概念, 將母親的形像安放其中。棺蓋內側選用北魏漆棺畫,將個人的符號元素至入,用絢麗的樣式包裹私自為母親編撰的故事。